Thinking of ABC trek? Go up to Tharpu Chuli


One of our guest recently did Annapurna Sanctuary Trek.

Prajwal is an American citizen who was born in India. Though he planned to visit Nepal in 2015, his plan was postponed because of the devastating earthquake that year. In these three years gap, he generated a lot of information about Annapurna that he could remember the name of each and every places in the route and mountains in the Annapurna range.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

Prajwal identifies himself as a gay person and frankly shares his story.

Our blogger Banita Khanal had short conversation with Prajwal after his trek to Annapurna. The conversation has been shared here as a blog,

  • What was your feeling when you first landed in Kathmandu?

I did not have a specific idea of how Kathmandu would look like but coming from India and living in India for a long time, I saw the similarities between the culture of Nepal and India. Nothing was particularly shocking for me but there were some differences. Besides having congested roads similar to many places in India, people in Kathmandu manage to get through traffic without honking.

  • Tell us about the place that you find most beautiful in the whole trip

I had a fortune of having a good weather every single day. The sky was clear, the scenery was clear. As we got closer to ABC, mountains got bigger and bigger and for somebody like me who has been obsessed with mountains, I was excited to go closer to mountain. Annapurna Base Camp is very unique place. You can see all the mountains from up close. But the best view I enjoyed was beyond ABC, the Thapru Chuli Base Camp. Because, although you are on the Annapurna Base Camp itself the ridge blocks the half views of peaks like Gangapurna, Annapurna -3, Annapurna 2 &4.

  • Did you talk about your identity as LGBT to anyone you met during the trek?

I did, I am pretty open about my LGBT status, I identify myself as a gay, open to most of my friend, family and my extended family and my co-worker. I am not really shy about talking about my orientation. I definitely talked about it with the guide and assistant guide. I told about my life story to them and asked them about their life story. There was no reason not to talk about me and my family when everyone was talking about theirs.

  • Why did you choose Annapurna Base Camp when you had an option to choose of Everest Base Camp?

I believe lots of people choose EBC and not ABC but from what I have heard is that getting to Everest Base Camp needs a flight to Lukla and the weather tends to be a problem.

  • What else do you want to say to the travelers┬áto Nepal?

One thing I want to say to someone who wants to come for a ABC trek, if you are in a physical fitness, I would recommend you to go beyond ABC but if you are just an outdoor person, I highly recommend you to take a trip to Tharpu Chuli Base Camp. Because although the Annapurna Base Camp covers a beautiful view, once you go up to Tharpu chuli the view becomes phenomenally better.

We thank Prajwal for taking out time and sharing his experience with us. We look forward to serve more and more travellers.