Is Nepal “SAFE” to travel in 2017?

Are you in dilemma? Whether to travel to Nepal or not. To answer in a single word, it’s “YES”. Of course you should travel to a country of natural beauty and religion that you can’t explore in a lifetime. Yes it’s safe to travel to Nepal in any day or situation. Nepal provides one of the best tourism services in the world. Here in Nepal guests are treated as god. And everyone knows what god means to any human being.
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal famously known as Nepal is a country of diversity. Not only in the name of religion and customs but also in physiographical perspective. You can see the Himalayas from the Terai Terrain clear as day. It is one of the most beautiful scenery to watch once in your lifetime.
But in 2017 Nepal is facing many challenges and natural disasters. You traveling to Nepal can be positive since your travel helps raise money to the victims of the causes. But it’s not that Nepal is in danger or so. We have recovered but not completely. Our Government is trying it’s best to reconstruct the damage and has succeeded to do so to the most part of it.

If required more information you can check the Department of Hydrology and Meterology and Department of Environment for further details about the climate and environment of Nepal right now.