Traveling to Nepal: The land of artistic beauty

NepalLet the rain kiss you, let the sun touch you with it’s warmth, let the air take all of your pain and sorrows away, let the mud and the dust put a new life into you. Wondering is that even possible? Everyone has a thing for nature. Everybody loves nature. You won’t find someone saying “Nature, ehh I hate it”. Nature has to offer a lot than anyone has ever expected. So ugly, so out of shape, full of creep but still so full of beauty and love. You must have had a view from a top of a tower or a building, one thing you can notice is the higher you go the clearer you see. And yes that’s how it works with nature as well. The higher you go the clearer and more beauty you’ll be able to see. The cold breeze, the warm sun, the celestial beauty in it’s purest form, untouched of all the pollution and the dust of mankind. Those Luminous stars shining in the parenthood of the moon and the sky clear as the water.
You can find such beauty only and only in Nepal. Besides our bravery, everybody knows how rich Nepal is in it’s natural beauty as well. Describing the natural beauty that lies in Nepal is impossible but this article can provide with a glimpse of what beauty is and means in Nepal. And as per to say Nepal is in the top of the world and I mean it literally. Mount Everest that lies in the Eastern Region of Nepal is the highest peak of the world. Under Mount Everest lies many other Himalayas and small peaks that are as beautiful as the Everest. The radiant beauty of the hills, the carpet like green grass that covers whole of the Terai Region and the White snow that protects the Himalayas. From the land where the light of Asia was born to the top of the world where you can find the light inside of you can be found in Nepal. It is a must visit place for people looking for internal peace and the frisson that is missing in your life. The thrill of joy gives a different kind of experience that you never forget and We promise you will never forger Nepal, not in a million years. We promise to make your visit unforgettable and your stay memorable.