Wrong assumptions about Trekking in Nepal


Nepal is a cheap destination:

Though Nepal still has a reputation of being a cheap destination. It’s not. Nepal’s Himalayas, culture and landscapes are priceless and a low price doesn’t suit the value of trekking in Nepal. So, Nepal is not as cheaper as people assume to be. Since Everest is the highest mountain in world, you need to get special permits and they are costlier. Cost rises after you add flight fare, food and accommodation cost.

One can trek alone in Nepal

Though getting guides and porters is not a legal requirement for trekking in Nepal but still hiring one is highly recommended. Its somehow foolish trekking alone in Nepal for the first-time trekkers.

One can shorten the trek

It’s a a wrong assumption that treks can be shorten. If you seriously want to enjoy trekking in Nepal. Plan a good vacation and buy the packages sold by travel companies to avoid any risk of high altitude. Its not a good idea to shorten the trek because you should have enough time for acclimatization.

Porter and guide are same

No, it’s not. Its illegal to use a porter as a guide. Porters are just for carrying your luggage not for guiding you.