Paintings of Nepal

Photo Credit: Nirvana Art Gallery

Nepal can be a very interesting destination for a traveller who is interested in Paintings. He can either try making one himself or can buy some Nepali paintings. Studies has shown that artist interested in paintings choose to stay in local accommodations, take longer trips and shop more in Nepal.

Nepal has awesome scope for paintings. Any artist would fall in love with the nature and culture of Nepal and would definitely be interested to create something out of what he gets to see here. The unique culture, tradition, people, the panoramic nature, temples and heritages deserves to be painted. In fact, they have been already presented in paintings by many national and international artists.

Since the real artists are more into creation than promotion, this segment of tourism has slightly been overlooked. These days more Nepali are buying the paintings than foreigners. Nepali paintings are classified based on the subject matter and material used. For example, landscape, cityscape, abstract, semi abstract, modern art, charcoal, water colour, acrylic paintings and oil portrait.

So, next time when you are here, visit different art galleries here in Nepal.