Paintings of Nepal

Photo Credit: Nirvana Art Gallery

Nepal can be a very interesting destination for a traveller who is interested in Paintings. He can either try making one himself or can buy some Nepali paintings. Studies has shown that artist interested in paintings choose to stay in local accommodations, take longer trips and shop more in Nepal.

Nepal has awesome scope for paintings. Any artist would fall in love with the nature and culture of Nepal and would definitely be interested to create something out of what he gets to see here. The unique culture, tradition, people, the panoramic nature, temples and heritages deserves to be painted. In fact, they have been already presented in paintings by many national and international artists.

Since the real artists are more into creation than promotion, this segment of tourism has slightly been overlooked. These days more Nepali are buying the paintings than foreigners. Nepali paintings are classified based on the subject matter and material used. For example, landscape, cityscape, abstract, semi abstract, modern art, charcoal, water colour, acrylic paintings and oil portrait.

So, next time when you are here, visit different art galleries here in Nepal.


Christmas 2017 in Nepal


Nepal is simply magical in winter. Mainly the Kathmandu and Pokhara city are blessed with sunny days and cool nights with fresh air. Nepal can be considered a perfect festive break this Christmas and new year. Taking this into consideration, Imperial Nepal treks has made a week long “Christmas & New Year holiday” package for this festival season.

Hence if you are looking for a nice holiday break, how about visiting Nepal through us?

Outlined Itinerary

  • Day 1/ 23rd Dec: Arrival in Kathmandu, overnight in hotel in Kathmandu
  • Day 2/ 24th Dec: Drive to Nagarkot, Christmas eve celebration, overnight in hotel in Nagarkot
  • Day 3/ 25th Dec: Sunrise view from Nagarkot, Drive back to Kathmandu, overnight in hotel in Kathmandu
  • Day 4/ 26th Dec: Drive to Pokhara, stroll around Lakeside, overnight in hotel in Pokhara
  • Day 5/ 27th Dec: Drive to Dhampus, overnight in hotel in Dhampus
  • Day 6/ 28th Dec: Drive back to Pokhara, tour of Pokhara city, overnight in hotel in Pokhara
  • Day 7/ 29th Dec: Drive back to Kathmandu, New Year’s Eve celebration, overnight in hotel in Kathmandu
  • Day 8/ 1st Jan: Final Departure

Cost: $ 350 per person in twin sharing basis (minimum 10 Pax)

The cost includes are:

  • 3 nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu
  • 1-night accommodation in Nagarkot
  • 1-night accommodation in Dhampus
  • 2 nights’ accommodation in Pokhara
  • All transportations to and from the hotel in private vehicle
  • 2 dinners (Christmas and New years eve)
  • All breakfasts

The cost excludes are:

  • Christmas and new year’s celebration costs

Few hundred dollars and you will have a memorable holiday celebration in Nepal.  What else do you need? Just book with us or contact us if you have any further inquiries

Holidays are for festival, festival are for celebrations, celebrations are for memories and memories are possible in Nepal.






Who is a tourist in a Nepalese eye?


Nepal is rich in nature and culture but poor economically. Nepal is still a long way to go before being fully developed. Tourism has always been a backbone of Nepalese economy. Hence tourists have always been considered guests and guests are always considered god here.

In this blog, I tried to point out who you are in a Nepalese eyes, if you are a tourist here:

Someone coming from a developed country: Though there are few other countries in the globe who are more under developed than Nepal. For a Nepali, if you have visited Nepal as a tourist, you are from more developed country and have enough money to spend.

Someone who understand English: For most of the Nepali people, you understand English, even if you don’t. And you can also expect a Nepali to at least understand “Yes” and “No”. People in rural Nepal still think that every outsider is from a English-speaking country.

Someone who can give tips: As I already stated above, for Nepalese a tourist is always rich and if they are served good, they will offer a tip.

Someone who is interested to know our culture and tradition: Nepali people has always loved and preserved their culture and tradition. Tourism has either been related to nature or culture. Hence for a Nepali, a tourist is always interested to know about the local culture and tradition.

Someone who wants to know our stories: You might notice, every Nepali you meet here share their personal stories. Some stories are not meant to be shared with another Nepali or some stories might be inspirational that a Nepali feels it must be shared to someone from another country.

Someone who has come to Nepal for holiday: Since Nepal has always been in a bucket list of most of the tourists, for Nepalese, a tourist in Nepal is here to spend his holiday or vacation.

Someone who is an adventure lover: For Nepalese each and every tourist visiting Nepal is an adventure lover. Either they have visited Nepal for peak climbing, trekking or rafting or bungee jumping or other adventure.

Someone who is interested to get closer with the real Nepal: There is a belief among Nepalese that tourists are more interested in local things. They are more interested in knowing the ancient Nepal.

Someone fulfilling one of the item in his/her bucket list: It might be a misconception but being a citizen of a home country of Everest and birth place of Buddha, we are always proud and consider our country to be in the bucket list of every outsiders.

Someone who knows about Everest: Finally, someone visiting Nepal must at-least have a knowledge about the highest peak in the world and that Nepal contains that highest peak.