8 reasons why you should hire a travel company for your trip to Nepal


Recently I read an article in internet. Someone wrote that travel agents are dying these days. The author mentioned that he would prefer to travel on his self because everything is available in internet these days. For example, you can book a hotel through a website of the hotel itself, book flight through the airlines website itself.

Though the author is right in some ways, sometimes traveling on self might not be a good idea. Especially when you are travelling to Nepal.  Here are the reasons

  • Documentation: Traveling doesn’t mean air tickets and hotel only. Every country has its own rules and regulations. Travelers may need certain government permits in certain places. For example, in Nepal, for going to Everest region one needs to have a national park permit and TIMS card. A travel company can assist you with the documentation required.
  • Information about road and trekking routes: Nepal is still in the development stage. Every rainy season come with flood and landslides and these landslides affect the roads and trekking routes. Being an outsider, one might not have the latest information about road and trail condition. Hence a travel company can provide the right information and plan the trip accordingly.
  • Hotel accommodation in mountains: Hotel in mountain rarely have their website. For booking hotels in mountain region, a travel company can help.
  • Hire Guides/ Porters: Nepal government does allow foreigners to go for trekking without a guide but we recommend you to hire a guide. Hence if you contact a travel company they can assign you best guides and porters.
  • Latest information about political situation: Nepal has always been a politically unstable country. The present status of Nepalese politics is very frustrating, sometimes the political parties announce strikes. A travel company can handle the situation
  • Safety: Traveling with someone is safer than traveling alone
  • Responsible: A travel company is always responsible for everything related to travel
  • Emergency help: A travel company can be your home away from home and the people working in that company is your well-wishers. They will help you in any kind of emergency.

Last but not the least, a travel company makes money by providing services. Just because they are slightly costly, don’t plan a trip to Nepal on your own. We, at Imperial are always looking forward to serve you.